Welcome to the Iceman Enterprises Pty Ltd (Incorporating Australian Repossession Network) website. Specialists in providing debt recovery services to businesses of all sizes for over 27 years.

Iceman Enterprises Pty Ltd (Incorporating Australian Repossession Network, Vice Recoveries and Collections and Aussie Collections and Recoveries) is a Licenced Commercial Agent operating throughout Australia. Our headquarters are located on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Our comprehensive range of services include Repossessions, Debt Collection, Field Calls, Mortgage Collections, Card Pickups, Process Serving, Lock Changes and more. Iceman Enterprises Pty Ltd also utilises a fully computerised Job Management System which allows authorized Clients to access job information and reporting 24 x 7 amongst a whole host of other functions.

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Iceman Enterprises Pty Ltd (Incorporating Australian Repossession Network) offers a full suite of services designed
to assist businesses of all sizes in all sectors of industry and finance.

Collection / Repossession – Vehicles

  • Motor vehicles (including Motor Cycles)
  • Light to heavy commercial vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Boats

We strive to ensure that vehicle repossession reports are forwarded to your office
within 24 hours.

Collection / Repossession – Equipment

  • Office equipment (including Computers)
  • Restaurant equipment and removal
  • Heavy machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Earthmoving equipment

Field Calls

  • Verify addresses and occupants therein
  • Provide detailed reports including property description and any activity at the address
  • Instruct the borrower to contact your organisation

Field call reports are provided within 24 hours for metropolitan regions and 72 hours
rural regions from the time instructions are received.

Other Services

  • Court Orders
  • Credit Card Pickups
  • Mortgage collection
  • Premises Lockouts
  • Skip location
  • Surveillance
  • Debt Recovery
  • Litigation

If additional information is required, please contact us via e-Mail clicking here.


Our Mission

To meet our Client’s needs and requirements with honesty and integrity whilst working within the guidelines of all regulatory authorities.
We meet with our Client’s customers face to face, and deal with these customers with compassion, understanding and respect, whilst ensuring our client’s needs are met.

Our goal is to tailor each individual file, working quickly and efficiently ensuring all requirements are covered at a mutually acceptable fee.


Leverage our Technical and
problem-solving expertise

Our late stage collections programs are typically designed for debts that are more than 90 days past due. As the age of debt increases, the likelihood of contacting the debtor and collections on the debt decreases.

The tools required to successfully recover in late stage collections are more refined than those needed in other collections efforts. Our expert use of technology and problem-solving expertise can produce high recoveries for your business.

To reduce the risk of a write-off, you need a strategic firm who can deliver collections in a compliant and cost-effective manner. We can provide a process-driven approach that optimises contact rates and increase the pace of recovery.

Range Of Services

Apart from offering the range of services such as Repossessions, Collections, Field Calls, Process and Card Pickups, Australian Repossession Network flexibility means that we are adaptable, and are therefore well positioned to tailor services to suit any Client’s requirements.


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