Evictions and lockouts is another effective approach in the arsenal of proven debt recovery and collection strategies. At Australian Repossession Network, we have fully-trained and proficient agents in a national network that work on your behalf in house and business lockouts and house evictions. Our clients range from the small sole trader to larger corporations across industry sectors. Our full debt collection services include repossessions of assets, field calls and skip tracing and process serves.

The eviction process requires a court order and has to grant permission for possession to take place. This order can either be a warrant of possession or any other lawful instrument that entitles a representative of the legitimate title holder of the property, entry or seizure of property. Our agents can assist the bailiff or police in carrying out an eviction

In a lockout, we can also take possession of your property on your behalf as your lawfully-appointed representative. The process involves gaining entry into the premises and with the assistance of a licenced locksmith, have the locks changed. If the situation requires it, the services of uniform security personnel may be called upon to maintain possession.

A full set of photographs inside and out of the property and a detailed condition report are supplied with our agents reports.

Why Choose An Experienced Evictions And Lockouts Agent?

Enforcing lockouts and evictions is a minefield fraught with legal complexities. It is because of this complex process that you will want to partner with a company with industry experience and proficiencies, that has relevant accreditation and employs results-driven approaches to resolve outstanding debt successfully, in the shortest timeframe possible. Without proper planning and an experienced agent, an eviction or lockout can quickly become more complicated and expensive to resolve than it need be.

We look to serve each client’s best financial interests, and the first option is to collect outstanding arrears with a lockout being the last resort. Clients remain informed of the eviction or lock-out process and are provided with eviction reports and property integrity recommendations.

Our agents are trained and equipped to conduct drug testing in properties that are being handed back to the mortgagee. Testing is carried out at the time of the lockouts and results are sent to our clients. This allows our clients to have the property professionally cleaned to completely eliminate drug residue prior to on-selling the property and provide the new owners a certificate advising the home is drug free.

Contact Australian Repossession Network and speak to one of our administrative team about finding the best solution to resolve outstanding debt for you. We deliver a full service that covers evictions and premises lockouts, repossessions of assets and debt recovery Australia-wide.

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