Let our specially-trained female agents at Australian Repossession Network help with sensitive matters such as where the person of interest has been previously or currently involved in a domestic violence situation or suffering Mental Health Issues. Our network of experienced female investigators can assist in a wide range of matters. There are many reasons our clients use our services, ie: a client may want to find out if a borrower is hiding or not responding because they are in fear of a former partner trying to find their current whereabouts or the female may hold fear of being approached by a male agent.

Specialised Asset Repossessions Services

Australian Repossession Network offers professional and licensed repossession and recovery agents, that utilise proven forensic capabilities to make sure clients receive the highest satisfaction in recovering commercial assets. We serve businesses in many sectors that include Banking and Finance, Corporate and Insurance sectors. Our clients are kept fully informed of the progress of the asset repossession process with regular updates. We are specialists in repossessing a variety of assets:
    Mortgages & Properties
  • Vehicles, boats and motorcycles
  • Equipment for Construction, Agricultural and Office and ICT
  • Cameras, Musical Equipment, Computers and many other small assets
  • Office Equipment * Restaurant Equipment * Heavy * Agricultural * Earthmoving * Small personal items * Almost anything
There is a certain amount of risk in recovering commercial assets: from cost overruns to wrongful repossessions and high-risk transport and storage. At Australian Repossession Network we go the extra mile using our competencies and experience to lessen this risk for our clients. We have a professional working relationship with local police, accredited tow truck drivers, licenced locksmiths and removalists for efficient retrievals.

Field Calls

Verify addresses and occupants therein * Provide detailed reports including property description and any activity at the address * Instruct the borrower to contact your organisation * Field call reports are provided generally within 48 hours for metropolitan regions and 96 hours for rural regions from the time instructions are received.

Professional Collection & Repossesion Services