At Australian Repossession Network we offer our clients tried-and-tested collection techniques in debt collection and recovery. One major part of our successful collection service is our expertise in process serves, field calls and skip tracing.

When Are Field Calls Needed?

Field calls prove to be an effective collection tool when debtors tend to ignore paying their debts. A field call is an in-person visit by a professional debt collection agent to a debtor’s residential or business premises. Field calls are handy for a variety of purposes such as to confirm an address, ensure the debtor is aware of the implications and consequences of unpaid debt, collecting outstanding amounts on the spot, or making approved arrangements for the debt to be paid.

What are the benefits of this service?

The arrival of an authorised field call agent can be taken as a ‘wake-up’ call to defaulting debtors and places emphasis and urgency on the payment of outstanding debt.

What Is Skip Tracing And When Is It Needed?

Skip tracing is an important part of successful debt collecting and process serving. Often when individuals prove hard to find because they have moved locations or have changed their contact details or even name. Efficient skip tracing services will save you the time and energy (manpower and costly resources) of having to do it yourself.

If you need more information on our approach to process serving or need to get the attention of a debtor through a field call or locate a person who has changed their name, give us a call at Australian Repossession Network for a speedy efficient and satisfactory service.

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