Vice Recoveries and Collections is a fully-accredited debt recovery agency and along with Australian Repossession Network, a repossessions agency, with tried-and-tested collection techniques dedicated to protecting brand image and improving our clients’ cash flow. Our proficient and experienced staff can initiate an Early Stage Collections programme for your business to minimise internal costs and free up resources. For outstanding debt, we offer a late stage collections programme utilising a results-driven approach to ensure an exceptional service.

In addition, we also assist with:

  • Court orders
  • Mortgage collection
  • Skip location
  • Surveillance
  • Debt recovery
  • Litigation

We serve clients in a diverse array of industries from Banking to Hospitality companies. Our ability to offer our clients a high success and accuracy rate is thanks to our multi-pronged strategic approach. We conduct initial in-depth conversations with debtors to ascertain their ability to repay debt and use data intelligence and advanced analytics as well as proven techniques that meet current ethical standards.

Our debt recovery processes are aimed at:

  • Improving your cash flow and profitability.
  • Keeping your litigation costs to a minimum.
  • Protecting your brand identity.
  • Maintaining positive relationships with your debtors and commercial trading relationships.
  • Using sophisticated technology and best practice industry techniques to ensure you enjoy excellent recovery rates and cash flow today.

Comprehensive Complementary Debt Collection Tools

At Vice Recoveries and Collections we have a purposefully-built anchor of collection tools we depend on to recover and collect debt. This complement of collection tools includes:

  • Payment arrangement monitoring
  • Risk analysis
  • Complaint and dispute management
  • Demand for Payment and Final Notice letters
  • Outbound and inbound calls, SMS and email campaigns
  • Skip tracing, field and investigation services
  • Solicitors Letters
  • Full legal recovery services (litigation services, post-judgment enforcement and insolvency administration)
  • Court access orders to authorise access to private property for repossession of assets purposes.

Why write-off a debt when Vice Recoveries and Collections will work on your behalf to recover monies owed on impending invoices. All of our agents are professionally trained and licensed specialists in their fields. Give us a call and find out how we can help improve your business’ cash flow today.

Professional Collection & Repossesion Services