Iceman Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as Australian Repossession Network and Vice Recoveries and Collections offers dedicated repossessions and debt recovery services to Australian businesses. Do you want to improve your cash flow by collecting outstanding invoices? We understand the importance of your business maintaining a positive cash flow which is why we offer a comprehensive professional service to ensure you get paid on time. We are a licenced commercial agent authorised to operate throughout Australia

Our service menu extends to include the following services:

  • Debt collectionDebt collection services include dispute resolution, assistance with slow payers and bad debts and write-offs.
  • Field calls / Process servesProcess serving includes delivering legal documents such as court summons quickly. Additional services include skip tracing to locate individuals who are difficult to find. Professional field agents serve to get debtors’ attention effectively with in-person visits to ensure debts get paid.
  • RepossessionsIn addition to debt recovery, we also assist in Repossessions of assets such as vehicles, homes and equipment.
  • Female agent We have female agents available to assist in sensitive matters such as situations involving previous domestic violence.
  • Evictions / lock outsWe work with trade specialists to lawfully gain access to a property should you require to take possession of your mortgaged property. We can also assist with Drug Testing of the property at the time of possession.
  • Other services We also offer some other miscellaneous services that include: Court Orders, Credit Card Pickups and Surveillance.

Why Choose Us For Reliable Repossessions and Recoveries

Our expertise and dedication to get the job done has meant our clients enjoy a high recovery rate. Our clients receive:

  • Results-driven Service
    Ours is a goal-oriented service. We get the job done by utilising proven recovery strategies, sophisticated technological systems and processes.
  • High Professionalism
    We demand that our staff receive specialised professional training to ensure that they fully understand relevant local laws and how to employ ethical, yet firm, collection techniques.
  • Compliancy
    As a licenced services provider, we are obligated to abide by all relevant government regulations that also include privacy laws.

Recovering your debt is our priority. For more information on any of our services above and how we can help you, please contact us at Australian Repossession Network and let our specialised team get you the results you want.